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News entertainment reporter Alex Reynolds was born and raised in Hamilton Ontario. As a child, Alex knew that he wanted to enter the radio profession and, years later, fulfilled that ambition by landing his first radio job as a sales representative for CJOY in Guelph Ontario. Bob Macadorey (before launching a star celebrity career on Global TV), was then a night-time disc jockey/operator at CJOY. He quickly became a mentor to Alex, guiding and coaching him in the initial disciplines of broadcasting (technical operational duties combined with on-air voice work reading commercials and developing a personality for hosting a disc jockey show).

Within a year, Alex picked up his own all-night show at CHLO in St. Thomas Ontario. It was there that he cultivated his skills as a broadcaster. Alex's career really took off when Tom Darling, a highly respected broadcast executive, offered him a position at CHML radio in Hamilton. Alex thrived at CHML, surrounded by some of the day's top radio personalities: Norm Marshall, Jane Gray, Gordie Tapp, Perc Allen, and Paul Hanover to name just a few. For four years, he hosted the weekly remote big band broadcasts from Burlington Ontario’s Brant Inn - carried coast to coast on the CBC radio network. The famous nightspot was a stopover for all the major entertainment figures touring North America during the 1950s and '60s. During that time Alex worked with such music giants as Stan Kenton, Count Basie, Guy Lombardo, Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington, and Johnny Mathis.

In 1960, Alex moved to CKPC-FM in Brantford Ontario where he would remain for over three decades. Throughout the years, Alex expanded his broadcasting interests to include the performing arts, attending theatre, film and concert performances at the Stratford and Shaw Festivals, as well as major theatres and concert halls in Toronto, Los Angeles, Broadway and Paris France. This enabled him to launch his popular celebrity interviews.

In 1989, Alex made the switch from radio to television when he joined the team at CHCH News. He brought his passion and love for the arts as well as an eagerness to further his knowledge and skills in the visual medium. With added reporting opportunities and assignment work, Alex's plate became and still remains full - just the way he likes it. Viewers could tune into “CH Morning Live” as well as “CHCH News Now” to see Alex reviews of live theatre productions and films. His reviews were also weekly features on CHML radio’s Bill Kelly & Scot Thompson shows.

Over the years Alex's unique interview style has become popular with viewers as well as with artists he affectionately calls “Alex’ People”. It’s a lengthy list which includes former Prime Minister Paul Martin, Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, Mel Gibson, Linda Evans, Joan Collins, Gregory Peck, Harry Belafonte, John Dankworth and Cleo Laine, Ben Affleck, Ray Liotta, Mel Brooks, Hillary Duff, Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Nana Mouskouri, Eric Idle, Michael Flately, Lindsay Lohan, Sir Ian Richardson, Sir Donald Sinden, Harrison Ford, David Spade, Vince Vaughn, Mia Vardalos, Mark Wahlberg, Estelle Parsons, Jamie Farr, Mel Torme, Angela Lansbury, Jack Nicholson, Hugh Jackman, David Suchet, Kim Catrall, Carrie Fisher … the list continues).

Alex looks forward to sharing his many years of passion and perspective on film and the arts with audiences at The Westdale Theatre.

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hamilton, ontario, Canada

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